Brand power and reliability, the choice for Wessex Demolition & Salvage Ltd.

 04 October 2018
Montabert V4500 from Inmalo

Wessex Demolition & Salvage Ltd has expanded its fleet in response to new contracts, purchasing three new hydraulic breakers. Already using a Montabert V1200 breaker for over 10 years, Richard Grant decided that the new breakers should also be Montabert’s supplied by INMALO.

INMALO have supplied the 501NG (780kg), V2500 (2,600kg) and the heavyweight V4500 (4,900kg) units to suit a range of applications and excavators for the most demanding of demolition contracts.

We chose the Montabert hammers for their power and reliability plus INMALO’s professional back up. The improved design and technological advances were also important factors in the decision” said Richard Grant, MD of Wessex Demolition.

The 501NG breaker has been fitted to Wessex’s Doosan DX140 excavator for the lighter jobs, whilst the V2500 and V4500 are working on their Volvo EC250 and Volvo EC480 excavators respectively.

The V2500 and V4500 breakers with their unique automatic speed / power change are from the Heavy Range and are ideal for demolition projects with heavy duty foundations or lighter slab. The Heavy range has models that are suitable for excavators from 18 to 80 tonnes.

Charles Polak commented, “Wessex Demolition have certainly made the right choice with these two breakers. Having seen the V4500 in action today on heavy concrete foundations, it made light work of it, increasing productivity and reducing time spent on site.  

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